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Complete Abandonment Services

We provide corporate liability assessments, abandonment programming, project management of client abandonment programs, regulatory submissions, and wellsite supervision services.

Everything You Need to Get To Cut And Cap

Terminis is a service company that specializes in downhole abandonments for the oil and gas industry. It has been operating since 2015 and provides people and equipment to abandon wells. Terminis provides the following series to its clients:

We work with our clients to reduce their abandonment cost by incorporating highly trained engineering, field staff and purpose-built equipment to provide economies of scale for multi-well abandonment programs. We also specialize in Surface Casing Vent Flow diagnosis and repairs.

Fint out how Terminis can help you cut down on excessive costs.

Our Clients

BC Engergy Regulator
Crescent Point
Long Run Exploration
Lynx Energy
Perpetual Energy
Response Energy
Rife Resources
Signalta Resources
Spry2 Energy
Strathcona Resources
Westbridge Energy
Whitecap Resources


In the midst of the most significant petroleum downturn in decades, Canadians are concerned the number of inactive and “orphan” oil and gas wells in Western Canada and the associated public liability. At the same time, abandonment and reclamation costs are soaring, while the time and expense of getting to a reclamation certificate have ballooned. In these economically and politically uncertain times, environmental groups and the general public are urging politicians and regulators to set agressive abandonment and reclamation timelines and hold the industry accountable.

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Signalta Resources Limited

Signalta Resources Limited, a privately-held exploration and production company, was part of that transition as the collapse of natural gas prices continued. After a few years of lower prices, it was obvious that growing abandonment and reclamation liabilities were overwhelming cost-cutting efforts.


Kainaiwa Resources Inc.

Terminis is partnering with Kainaiwa Resources Inc. (KRI) which is the resource company of the Blood Tribe of Alberta. The partnership provides economic opportunity for the band, members, and it allows our clients to access additional funding from the Federal Orphan Site Rehabilitation Program.


Terra-Sano provides earthworks and environmental consulting, surface abandonment and reclamation/remediation services to reduce inefficiencies and process loops and increase the proportion of the investment spent in the field.

Terminis Downhole Services and Terra-Sano Earthworks and Environmental Consulting can help clients reduce their Liability Management Ratio (LMR), providing portfolio assessment, downhole and facilities abandonment, land reclamation and environmental services.


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What’s All The Excitement About LMR?

In the midst of the most significant petroleum downturn in decades, Canadians are concerned about the number of inactive and “orphan” oil and gas wells in western Canada and the associated public liability. In these economically and...