Lower Cementing Costs

  • Coiled tubing unit more successful in getting circulation to surface
  • Able to perforate, obtain feed rate and set retainer on 2 wells per day
  • 2 cement jobs per day is normal
  • Multiple jobs per day results in lower logistical costs and improved efficiencies
  • For surface casing vent flow’s with multiple potential sources, the coiled tubing unit can rig in/out quickly which allows time to monitor for dissipation between jobs (much less costly than a rig move in/out)
Terminis Downhole Services Coiled Tubing Unit

Effective Surface Casing Vent Flow Repairs

Terminis has extensive experience with Surface Casing Vent Flow Repairs and has over 90% success rate on wells were we have completed programmed operations. The key elements of our success rate are:

1. Thorough upfront source identification

2. Using the appropriate repair technique to match the flow path in the wellbore

3. Proper design and execution of the Cement Squeeze


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